Women Development Programs

Family Counselling Centre

VISION has started Family Counselling Centre in the year 2012 at Gajwel town of Medak District of Telangana State with the support of Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi and guidance with State Social Welfare Board of Hyderabad since past. The women who are abuse and harassing in their homes they coming to our Family Counselling Centre. Now they are going to daily labour works and getting relax and doing their works freely, our centre taking care of their them with our services. At present the total 84 victims are admitted for family counseling purposes in FCC.

The community involvement is also very appreciable and even local leaders and women groups members are supporting and cooperating us by running Family Counselling Centre successfully. Under the FCC scheme, counselling, referral and rehabilitative services to women victims who are in moral danger within the family or society at large including those affected by disputes, marital discord or maladjustment is provided free of charge.

The Family Counselling Centre is working in close collaboration with local authorities such as police and institutions like Short Stay Homes and is expected to intervene in ‘crisis’ cases and in cases of atrocities against women. The Institution appointed two counsellors, holding Masters Degree in Social Work or Psychology. One counsellor is a woman and another is Male.