Child Care Centres


VISION being running five Creche Centres in rural villages of Ramayampet, Konapur, Pulimamidi, Madur in our targeted mandals of Ramayampet and Shankarampet of Medak District with the support of Central Social Welfare Board and guidance with State Social Welfare Board of Hyderabad since last 5th June-2006. Each center enrolled 25 children, the age groups of children are below 0-6 years. Mothers who are keeping their children in their homes now they are sending to our Creche Centres.

Now they are going to daily labour works and getting relax with our services to children. The total six centers admitted 125 children in their respective villages. The community involvement is also very appreciable and even local leaders and women groups members are supporting us to run successfully.

Supplementary Nutrition Food To Children

Supplementary Nutrition food is giving to the children on the every day twice and thrice whenever they hungry. The nutritious food is dal kichidi, egg and measles and the food is giving sufficient to the children. Children are taking care by the Creche workers. Creche workers are seen the children clean and hygienically.

Mothers Meetings

Each Creche Centre had being conducting the mother meeting once in a month. In the meeting all the mothers of children will be attended and discuss the their children care and nutritious food feeding. And the pre schooling practices are developing by regular sending of the children. And discussion will be on immunization is also one of the agenda that would be monitoring by the Creche Workers and coordination is developed with ANM and Anganwadi Worker those are also invited in the meeting.. Mothers are sharing their views on their children health issues and care aspects.

Health Check-Ups To Children

Every month ANMs are visiting Creche centers twice in a month and check-ups will be done. All the children are getting health check-up and suggesting the vitamin tablets and some children found anemic condition those are taken care to feed more nutritious food other than children. Immunization calendar will be monitoring by the ANM.

Monthly Review Meeting With Creche Workers

Every month organization has been conducting the monthly review meeting with Creche workers. The main agenda will be on regular attendance of children, Supplementary nutritious food feeding to the children and health conditions. The discussion on centers progress last month and made an action plan for next month. Afterwards crèche workers will submit the progress reports and etc.

Supervision & Monitoring

VISOIN is supervising all the six Creche Centres by appointing one Filed Coordinator and he will look after all the centers. Coordinator is visiting the crèche centers regularly and found problems and requirements of the centers and he suggest to crèche workers to improve the quality of work for the center. And also write remarks on the visitors registers with his advises/remarks to improve the quality of service.