Health Education, HIV/AIDS Prevention

VISION Organisation is also working for the Health , Hygiene and Sanitation, HIV/AIDS in rural areas of Medak District with main concept of the programme,40 villages community have t gain the knowledge on health problems and prevention practices and preparedness for diseases.

Hence the programme initiated in 40 villages of Medak District appointed 100 Women and Men Health Volunteers for the success of the programme. The volunteers are appointed from each village two women and two men, the Mandal level Health Federation is also forming for getting better services. Child Labour Eradication & Rights by creating awareness among the parents.VISION is initiated in Alladurg Mandal of Medak District and Bhiknoor, Domakonda Mandals of Nizamabad District with a special focus on Elimination of Child Labour who are involving in various hazardous wings i.e. Beedi making.

Since our intervention by creating awareness among the parents, CBOs, PRIs and like minded people in Bhiknoor and Domakonda Mandals of Nizamabad district and Ramayampet,Chegunta, Toopran Mandals entire villages of Medak district. 182 children have been undergone for education 120 children were mainstreamed into regular schools and A.P.Residential(APRPRP) and KGBV Hostels encouraging the parents to send their children to regular schools as a result parents are willing to send children who are working in the above areas to regular schools and Residential Schools to avoid hazardous works.